In Good Hands for Business, Real Estate and Probate Litigation Needs

At Sigmund Browning, LLC you will be in good hands for all your business, real estate, and probate litigation needs.  Our litigation counsel has extensive experience throughout Missouri and at the Federal level, including bankruptcy courts.  Handling administrative, trial court, and appellate level matters, we can provide you with the representation you need whether you are pursuing or defending a lawsuit.  In addition, we can represent you in mediation and arbitration proceedings.

Committed to You

Litigation is a stressful endeavor regardless of whether you are the plaintiff or defendant.  Our attorneys strive to ease the burden on you so that you can focus on your business and personal needs.  While we recognize the desire to “win”, we also believe that our job is to counsel you extensively as to your options considering the economic, emotional, and time impact of litigation.  We are committed to navigating you through the procedural and substantive aspects of litigation so as best to serve your needs.

We handle all manner of disputes including those relating to contract, boundary, title, liens, shareholder/member, and employer/employee.  We represent creditors, employers, real estate developers, brokers, landlords (residential and commercial) and tenants (commercial), lenders, lienholders, and debtors throughout Missouri.

We are committed to fighting for you should you find yourself in litigation situations and are proud of our long-term relationships with clients who have utilized our litigation services.